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Google Map Has Added 1000 Addresses To Ikeja And Ikoyi Areas in Lagos, Nigeria


I remember getting into lots of trouble with the police officers for lack of knowledge routes in Lagos. From one way routes to no U-turn routes. It was horrible especially having to drive at nights. Those men in uniform never got tired of screaming and finding faults in my driving. Worse still, ignorance is never an excuse. For those who have the luxury to afford a 2006 auto model, GPS always comes to their rescue; little wonder Uber accepted only cars from 2006 model when it first came into Nigeria. With Google Map installed in my phone, all I have to do is slot in my desired destination and the mapping service ensures that I arrive without getting arrested.

The web mapping service developed by Google has added over one thousand new addresses to Ikeja and Ikoyi areas in Lagos. Sundar Pitchai, the Chief Executive Officer of Google confirmed this while speaking at the Google for Nigeria event in Lagos:

“Google has added more than 100,000 small businesses across leading cities in Nigeria, like Abuja and Lagos, to help improve local search experience significantly. The second addition is to buildings. Google has added detailed outlines of more than a million commercial business. This building footprint will help users get a better understanding of the world around them”.

With an increased number in the use of Google Map over the past year, the decision became a necessity by the company, said Mr. Pitchai. He said further that “Nigeria has over 100,000 local guides and one of them includes Samson who has added more than 700 places, which were initially missing to Google Maps”.

Google map is definitely one of the greatest tech innovations. The website gives you directions for trips by car, foot or public transportation without having to stop pedestrians who may end up giving you wrong directions to satisfy your curiosity. With google map, you can also share your location on Facebook or through your google account.

The major downside of course is that the technology cannot identify criminals who use it for nefarious activities.

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