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Google Adds Q&A Feature To Maps On Android And Web To Reduce Your Reliance On Strangers On The Street


Finding a location of a place you haven’t been too is really challenging comes with lots question and answers from strangers or the driver of the cab you using to get to the location sometimes one spend hours and hours trying to figure out the right locations however with the most used search location Google Maps, it makes it slightly easy to some extent pending on the location of you search for but despite the fact you can get to your location using Google map you still need to ask questions and gets answers to be accurate on the place you are headed.

Therefore, to make the location search fair on Google Maps, Google announced the addition of a new Question and Answer section to the Google Map on android or mobile web search engine.


This feature announced was added to help users ask questions and gets answers from existing questions answered about a place they plan on going to, this feature is easy to use and  can be done by simply searching for the place in the Google Maps app.

Lisa Wang associate product manager of Google Maps, wrote in a blog post explaining the process and how the question and answer section works in the map, she said that “Scroll down to the ‘Question & Answers’ section where you can add a question, answer someone else’s question or upvote informative ones by tapping the thumbs up icon just to signify the authenticity of the information.

Lisa also added that Upvoted questions and answers will appear at the top of the section so that the most helpful content is most accessible. To make sure ‘Questions & Answers’ contain the most accurate and useful local information possible, business owners can add frequently-asked questions and answers that will be useful to users interested in their area.

With this feature, questions and answers being asked by users from strangers on the street will be reduced because from the Q&A section, these questions can be answered and directive can be given on how to get to your location fast and on time. This can also be useful if you just visit the already answered questions or you can just add yours and wait for other users familiar with your destination to answer.  

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