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Own A Pixelbook And Samsung Chromebook And Get Free 6 Months Of Netflix From Google


YES!! You heard/read right. If you would ever fancy streaming Netflix on your Chromebook, Google has made it possible for free.

It doesn’t matter if you recently picked up a Google Pixelbook, Samsung Chromebook Pro or Chromebook Plus, or if you plan on getting one up before the year ends, you can take advantage of this great new offer from Google, meaning that both existing and future owners are eligible to receive six months of Netflix’s ‘two screens at a time screening plan’ which is normally $10.99/month for free which makes the total value of the offer $65.94. And this offer is only up for the high definition and not the ultra-high definition streaming of Netflix’s more expensive premium plan.

The offer is very straightforward, anyone who already owns or plans to get one of the above named devices before December 31st can redeem the six months of Netflix for free. Just go to Google’s Chromebook offer site to redeem it.

In addition to this, Google is also offering a $20 Google play credit and exclusive content in Asphalt as long as they are claimed before December 31st.

Alternatively, you can apply this total value to a different Netflix plan to get a discount on a more expensive subscription. Your choice though!.

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