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Google News On Desktop Gets A Facelift That Now Makes Its Easier To Customise News And Identify Fake News


Google News on desktop has been redesigned according to a blog post by the company. The new interface has a sidebar that allows you choose from a list of ‘Story Cards’ which are designed to be something like “related articles” so that a reader can have multiple perspectives to one story. It was this one sided news that gave rise to fake news that is now plaguing the world.

google news story cards

               Story cards help you explore different perspectives to gain a well-rounded understanding of an issue

The new tab bar consists of local news and personalised topics from your web interests.

In bid to fight fake news, the new interface gets a Fact Check tool which will be available to US users for now in the sidebar lists recently check articles. Facebook and Google are at the centre of allegations of not doing much to combat fake news and since then both companies have announced measures to combat the trend online.


    Fact Check block on the right column of “Headlines” that shows the top fact checked articles recently published

On the videos side, Google says it has improved the algorithm for selecting top videos which comes with an improved inbuilt player. Just as text news, when playing a video you will now be able to see related videos in the player.

The big news though that Google wants you take away from this redesign is that you can customise and personalse stuff easily from now.

Google says the new design will be available to all users in the days ahead.

Finally, we know you want to be in control of your news, so we are making it easier to update things under the hood, with all settings in one place. And to make Google News personal, new capabilities allow you to name your custom sections, edit existing sections, type in interests you want to see in the “For You” stream, and identify news sources that you want to see more (or less) of.

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