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Google Says Chrome On Windows Is Now 15 Percent Faster


Google says it has now made its Chrome browser 15 percent faster on Windows. In a blog post yesterday, they say they are now using Microsoft’s Profile Guided Optimisation technology to speed up chrome start up time by up to 17 percent, new tab load time by up to 15 percent and overall page load times by up to 6 percent.

Going by Microsoft’s definition of the term Profile Guided Optimisation, they say the technology lets you optimize an output file, where the optimizer uses data from test runs of the .exe or .dll file. The data represents how the program is likely to perform in a production environment.

Profile-guided optimizations are only available for x86 or x64 native targets. Profile-guided optimizations are not available for output files that will run on the common language runtime. Even if you produce an assembly with mixed native and managed code (compile with /clr), you cannot use profile-guided optimization on just the native code. If you attempt to build a project with these options set in the IDE, a build error will result.

This comes as internet browser companies have been coming out this year to convince us on why users should stick to their browsers instead. Opera was the first one to come out with a comprehensive report which included test results and shortly after that, Microsoft came out with a counter claim and focused more on battery life instead. Opera introduced ad blocking features to speed up web pages.

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