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Google Search Will Now Recommend Events Based On Your Interests


With summer in full swing, Google is making it easier for Android users to schedule their events in the calendar, as well as find them in Search. After adding new ways for users to look for events close to them last year—Google is now bringing new features meant to offer personal recommendations and info about interesting events.

Today Google has announced that it is adding a few more features to Search thats making finding events even easier. The search feature which will trigger the new event interface will show information like time, location, and ticketing providers in a convenient and easily parsed format. Links to further purchase tickets for events, save them to your own personal list, or share them with your friends are also included.

For example, searching for “events near me” or “free concert” around you will bring up a list of events from various sites, along with details about the event. Both will be displayed in the Search window, but if you tap on the event, you will get an overview of things like time, location, ticketing providers and more in-depth info.     


Moreover, the updated Search now allows users to discover events based on their interests. An entirely new recommendation system for event discovery is also included in the new “For You” tab that also appears, providing a personalised list of things Google thinks you might enjoy checking out—presumably based on information or preferences associated with your account.

The new features will be rolled out gradually over the next few days.

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