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Here Are Six Things You Can Now Achieve With Google Search


Unarguably, one of the greatest things to happen in this generation is Google. With Google Search, you can get diverse information on almost every subject at a very low cost. Interestingly, as part of the innovations for Nigeria, the tech giant, during the Google for Nigeria event has added new relevant features to make Google search easier and more accessible.

Sunday Pitchai, the CEO of the tech company has revealed six new things you can do with Google search from your mobile device:

With Search Lite, you consume less data when browsing. This feature will streamline your search results so you consume less data and interestingly, the pages load five times faster, even on devices with low RAM size.

You can now recover failed searches. With poor connectivity leading to search results taking time to load, the Google app, Background Retry will send a notification once connectivity on your device is restored.

How about uploading your information directly on Google? Google Post feature is now available in Nigeria. With this app, you can post updates, images and videos on Google. This way, you can keep up with your favorite celebrity if they have uploaded stuffs on Google. Who knows? You too can be the next celebrity!

You can get symptoms and treatments for various ailments. Nigeria has been designated as one of the countries that will get locally tailored health search results. This came as an increased volume of health related searches on Google. As part of the innovations, there will be over 800 knowledge cards with details of common symptoms and treatments of most prevalent health conditions in Nigeria. In partnership with the doctors in University of Ibadan, Google has taken measures to ensure relevance and accuracy.

You can stay in touch with useful contents. With the newly improved feed on Google app homepage, you can get tailored contents on subjects that interest you or tickle your fancy.

You can now shuttle less between apps.  You know the trouble that comes with traveling from one app to another, when you are need to get some details other than what you are doing. The journey of having to copy and paste may finally come to a halt with Google’s new keyboard- Gboard. Gboard has all the things you would expect from a great keyboard – GIFs, emojis and glide typing. Most interestingly, no more app switching; just search and send right from your keyboard!

The event was sure worth it.

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