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Using Machine Learning, Google Announces A New Way To Search For Jobs


Google launched a search feature on its search result page that lets you search for jobs across platforms like LinkedIn, Monster, Facebook and other job websites. But they take it even further to company websites directly which means if you search for a job on Google Search, you’ll now be able to see companies posting what you may be looking for on their website from where you can now make applications.

A key advantage of this is that users can now be connected to jobs on “genuine’ websites and don’t have to surf the net for long to get straight answers.

Nick Zakrasek who’s Google’s product manager on this says “Each person has a unique set of preferences and it only takes one person to fill this job” and describes the job search process itself as dating where you need to be connected to the right person to be happy in life. Google adds that you can turn ion notification to be alerted to streamlined jobs in your area which means that you don’t have to always stress yourself over always having to go search similar to what the likes of LinkedIn do already. This gives you the ability to filter jobs by industry, employer, and location among others.

To make the experience better, Google had to remove duplicate listings by agencies and then its machine learning tools are able to go through these listings on the web and categorise them such that it’ll make it easier for users to identify what they are looking for.

LinkedIn has tools that make it easier to find jobs even without your boss knowing about and in November last year, it launched a service where you can add your salary information so that others you can choose to see this information can make career decisions. You’ll only be able to see what others earn if you add yours.

The new Google feature is currently available in English on mobile and desktop from today.

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