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Google Search Now Focuses On Your Actual Location By Default


If you’re an internet “junkie”, a researcher or an avid observer, then you should have noticed the country specific way your number Google’s Search engine have been responding lately. You will no longer have to manually enter country code top-level domain names in order to avail country-specific services for Google Search and Maps on the web and the Google iOS app. This feature allows Google to bring up country or region-specific suggestions when searching on a particular subject.

Some users indicated indifference to this development fearing it was a bit bias and may reduce the versatility or broadness of search suggestions while many users suggested it increases its efficiency. Definitely, efficiency is guaranteed as this feature applies even when you travel from one country to another, for example from the US to India.

This should prove to be helpful for travelers alike, for instance you travel to the UK from the US and you have several questions that you need to be country specific, you no longer have to indicate with the (ccTLD) of the UK e.g. Google.UK

“Starting today, country services will no longer be determined by domain. By default, you’ll now automatically be served the appropriate country service without seeing a change in Google’s ccTLD,” the report said on Friday. Google’s other services such as Gmail, and YouTube already functioning simultaneously, this way.

Country services used to be distinguished by the country code top-level domain names (ccTLD) such as google.fr for France or google.com.uk for England. “Google wants to stop the practice of manually entering the top-level domain to get a country’s services,” according to a report on Google.

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