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Google Slashes Cloud Computing Costs By More Than 20%


Google announced yesterday that it would be slashing the cost of some its cloud computing platforms. The cuts range some between 15-30% and has since been applauded by developers and cloud computing users.


A micro instance on Google will now go for $0.006 per hour while. However, the price cut on High CPU instances was about 5%.

Google cloud computing cost

“Our continued price/performance leadership goes well beyond list prices. Our combination of sustained use discounting, no prepaid lock-in and per-minute billing offers users a structural price advantage which becomes apparent when we consider real-world applications. Consider a typical web application or mobile backend. Its development environment supports software builds and tests, presenting a bursty, daytime load on cloud computing resources. The production environment handles actual user traffic, with a diurnal cycle of demand, aggregate growth over time, and a larger overall footprint than the development environment. The developer environment would benefit from per-minute billing because it can be turned on and off more quickly and you only pay for what you use. The production environment would benefit from sustained use discounting, up to 30% additional discount with no upfront fee or commitment, because it always needs to be on.” 

BarChart Google cloud computing

In the charts above, Google makes a case for its cloud computing platform. It eve mentions some of its big clients like Snapchat, Avaya, Wix among others who have chosen its platform because of “innovation and proven performance”.


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