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Google Adds SOS Alerts To Search Results And Maps


Have you ever thought of having SOS alerts on Google? Well Google says its going to do this by gathering information on both local and international law enforcement agencies around the global for updates on latest happenings.  This will come in the form new Feeds and articles with emergency telephone number for contacts with first  responders from different websites to give users hands on information on what numbers to dial in case of emergency. 


In a blog post, Google explained that it is a way to allow people have critical information and resources from local and authorities which will also help its users gain more important information all in a single article in a single place and it has also added the SOS to its maps tool which will be helpful during an a crisis , man made , natural or humanitarian disasters.

Google made mention in the statement “During a crisis, people need real-time information. Whether they’re experiencing an issue on the ground or trying to understand the situation from afar, we want our products to give people quick access to important information, such as what is going on and where it is happening, to help them stay safe and informed,”


The map tools will suggest area that are unsafe and should be avoided or roads that are closed and the easy route out of danger roads or areas, according to reports in BBC , data gathered from Waze mapping platform when the SOS alerts is activated,  it will also aid users see areas with high congestion and traffics jams accidents and other problem and solution as reposted by the correspondence in charge of the articles published on the site.

The report said that “The level of detail shown within the search tool depends on whether the person carrying out the query is close to the incident. If nearby, they are presented with links to official alerts, tweets from first responders and useful short phrases in the local language,” and Google is collaborating with lots  of governmental bodies such as Red Cross , police , and a list of others to bring the SOS alerts in 12 different countries which includes Canada , Japan , U.S. And others.

Google’s has set up a team of experts to help verify the authenticity of a news before it gets posted on the SOS alert ,also to check the warrant of an event to be published but it has not stated how many people have been entrusted with this job, this service will help the public to be aware and keep off from danger in their areas and the easy route out of such situation if caught in it.

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