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Google Is Working On A Game Streaming Service Called “Yeti” With A Console


Other than Android applications and the Play Store, Google’s present gaming endeavours are especially fixated around video livestreams on YouTube and Daydream VR. In any case, the organization purportedly has plans for a membership based game service that would perhaps include a Made by Google gaming console. The Information was first to report on this. 

Subscribers would have the capacity to stream games from cloud servers through a Google-made console, which would also have a hardware controller at the user end. The service according to reports is called Yeti and it has apparently experienced a few cycles, including one that would have worked with a Chromecast. Before Yeti, there have been “numerous undertakings” inside Google like an Android-based gaming console that have flopped because of disappearing support from the top guys at Google. This hasn’t stopped Google though in that they have been partnering with game developers.

While we don’t know when Yeti would eventually be released, it sure looks like Google is set to bring the competition to both Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation. They hired former Phil Harrison, a Microsoft and Sony gaming veteran who was responsible for projects like Gaikai which Sony bought over and turned into PlayStation Now.

Game streaming services are on the rise and reported, the gaming industry is now worth over $109b and is expected to grow further with the rise of game streaming services which in itself is a result of increased investment in and expansion of internet services into rural areas.

The video streaming market is projected to hit about $70.05b in value by 2021 and this shows how far we’ve come. Google itself through YouTube has dominated the video streaming service for a long time with 3.25billion hours of video watched monthly. About 5 billion videos are watched everyday on YouTube with more than half of YouTube views come from mobile devices.

According to Stream Labs, Monthly Active Streamers have grown 330% for Youtube Live vs 19% for Twitch in the past 5 months; and 36.6% for YouTube Live vs 4.1% for Twitch in the past 6 weeks. Twitch generated 96% of Tips vs 4% for YouTube Live, monetizing much better last year. This is an area where Google wants to dominate and maybe this is something Yeti can deliver.

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