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Google To Start Giving Mobile Friendly Sites Ranking Priority From Tomorrow. Click Here To See If Your Site Is Mobile Friendly


Google says it is changing its ranking system in favour of mobile friendly sites. Click here to see if your site is mobile friendly using Google’s online tool. This search engine “Armageddon” dubbed Mobilegeddon by Search Engine land will definitely affect some sites as this may mean that top websites you used to know may suddenly drop in ranking. In another way this could affect businesses. Currently reports have it that as many as 40% of top websites are not currently mobile friendly.

One side of the debate though is that more people have begun accessing their favourite sites using their mobile devices so it’s only fair that providers don’t subject you to a slow loading site on your mobile.

This is due to be implemented from tomorrow the 21st of April, 2015 and you may be asking how to go about getting your site mobile friendly if your site failed the test. Do not fret but carry out any or all of the steps below. The losy below was initially put together by USAToday

  • Call your local website host. Many have tools in place to transition your website. GoDaddy, the top provider of website addresses and hosting, offers a tool to completely rebuild your website to make it mobile friendly, and charges $1 monthly for the service. CompetitorBluehosthas a tool that’s way less time consuming and potentially cheaper. For a one-time fee of $25, it’s goMobi tool builds a smaller, mobile version of your site.
  • Go to a service likedudamobilefor a more robust, yet smaller version of your website, with more images and text than through the website builders, starting at $5 monthly.
  • Get in touch with a local Webmaster (try Craigslist and other local forums) to farm out the work, which would probably make your mobile site look more like the original, main site for the computer.

Image source: Search engine land

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