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Google’s Gmail To Stop Intercepting Your Emails To For Ad Purposes


Did you know that ads shown on your Gmail account are based on your settings? Yes, the ads are personalized. Gmail does not post random ads. They snoop through your private settings to determine a relevant ad to post.

Here’s a good news! Gmail has decided to stop peeking through emails before creating a targeted ad. This new development has been applauded by many users and this will make it more popular. The internet giant has decided to go through other means to collate their search for targeted ads: this will be through the videos you watch on YouTube, anything you do on chrome, so long as you are signed in with your google account.

Prior to this new development, the firm had faced series of criticism over the years for the scans. There have been agitations by privacy campaigners, individuals and Microsoft on the fight for the right to internet privacy

The Privacy Campaigners who opine that “technological developments should ensure a right to private life and internet privacy have tried to block  the scans but failed to get the country to be on their side. Also, a series of adverts promoted by Microsoft revealed a Gmail man snooping through people’s messages and then went on to accuse the search giant of crossing the line.

Renat Samson, the CEO of Big Brother Watch, (another privacy campaigner) commented on the new development stating that “the end to the intrusive and frankly creepy process will be appreciated by a great many Gmail users”. She further encouraged other tech giants, such as Facebook, Twitter, and the others to see this step by Gmail as an opportunity to stop intruding into users’ privacies for the purpose of advertisements. Should citizens who simply want to connect to more people via social media desist from signing up to certain services for fear of being intruded or having leaked private information?

Earlier this year, in January to be precise, Google agreed for its privacy policy to be more accessible and its account settings feature, redesigned for easy control by users. The Internet giant was given an ultimatum to adjust its policy and it has kept to the end of this bargain.

Be that as it may, users still have zero privacy settings since every app owned by Google is synchronized. On this premise therefore, Gmail still has the valid information in some way, to tailor adverts. Google owns Gmail and YouTube so users are not totally free from privacy invasion.

The reality is this: you pay for data but have no control over it because Google will certainly use your privacy settings to track you across the internet, mobile operating systems and everywhere they dominate.

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