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Google unveils Android Lollipop (version 5.0)


Google is set to roll out its latest Android flavour; Lollipop.

In an interview with the BBC, Google engneering chief;  Hiroshi Lockheimer affirmed the company’s role in providing software that will make it easier to do business. That seems to be the norm this year as Satya Nadella rolled out Microsoft office on mobile platforms like the iPad in roder to make it easier for people to do business on the go. It has become imperative as the number of people who do business and access the internet via mobile devices has continued to rise with Facebook reporting at the end of 2013 that mobile users now exceed 250 million.

Android already has an 84.7% share of global smartphone shipments, according to research company IDC.

Here are excerpts from the BBC interview with Hiroshi Lockheimer;

We’ve made a concerted effort around focusing on the enterprise-use case,” he said.

“If you think about it most people only carry one device.

“The one device that they carry [should] work for various scenarios in their life -obviously for personal use, but also if they want to use it for corporate purposes.

Notifications now appear at the top of the screen rather than covering a game’s playing area

“We wanted to make sure that Lollipop is designed in such way that corporations are happy to endorse it.”


Here is a few screenshots of the new Lollipop features;

google lollipop

Notifications  appear at the top of the screen rather than covering a game’s playing area

google lollipop google lollipop1 google lollipop2 google lollipop3

From left to right; Google has maintained its sweet-themed naming system with Android Lollipop, A Bluetooth-enabled smartwatch can enable a user to identify themself instead of having to type in a password, Notifications take on a card-like appearance on the lock screen, Android’s new look will also feature when it is used in car systems, watches and TVs


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