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Google Finally Updates Docs, Slides, And Sheets For iPhone X And iOS 11


Google has updated its office apps — Docs, Slides, and Sheets — for the iPhone X and iOS 11. According to MacStories, the updates will add support to the larger iPhone X screen display and also for other iOS 11 device which will allow the drag and drop function on iPad.

It’s been a while, Google updated its apps to fit in the need for Apple users, and now it’s seems they are playing nice with Apple and adding features that will support the Cupertino company latest hardware and software , unlike Apple’s spreadsheet, slideshow , pages, numbers , keynote , most people use Google docs more frequently than the other office Apps.

Google’s recently added office apps on iPhone X , can now take full advantage of the larger screen display which extends to all four corners of the screen: it’s toolbars is also integrated with the device unique form factor and makes the device documents longer without letterboxing.

Activities on iPad gets more interesting as you can now use multi-app drag and drop to insert contents into Google’s apps. In Google Docs, for example you can drag an image from gallery, a link from safari or a text highlighted from an email and drop it in the document editor.

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