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Google Updates Search To Lock You Into An Endless Search Loop

Theresa Casimir

Google has redesigned its search functionality which is targeted at making the interface more intuitive for users and the new features are currently being rolled out. Google search gets expanded snippets, improved Knowledge Panels, and smarter suggested content.

The “search” has been updated in three ways over the past few weeks, and recently, Google explained how these new features encourage users to fall further down a search hole. The three search updates allows users to expand their search beyond the information they originally intended to find. The “Knowledge panels” now show related content, so if you search football, you’ll also be able to jump to a search about other related sports, or a more focused football search, like “world cup.”

Having added the “related searches ” feature nearly ten years ago, Search today is able to do much more than it was originally created for. Knowledge Panels will now show related searches for some subjects.

Similar to knowledge panels, Google is testing more search options and suggestions.  However,  it appears Google will automatically get the topic you’re searching for based on back-to-back searches .

Google’s tweaks get to its core mission of providing answers to your questions, but they’re also helpful to its bottom line by keeping you on Google’s site (and thus seeing more ads).

According to a post on Google’s The Keyword blog, a selection of featured snippets will now include more images and related search suggestions within the box displaying the featured snippet content.

The expansion of related topics is now updated within the knowledge panel information, and also at the top of search results as well.

Powered by Google’s algorithm, featured snippets generate highlights to provide quick and relevant answers to your search .

According to Google, featured snippets,” which provides users a snapshot of what they’re searching, will include more images along with related searches and they are algorithmically determined.

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