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Google Search Results Will Now Play Silent 6sec Previews Of Videos Before You Click On Them


Auto playing videos can be sometimes annoying especially when you have just opened a website maybe in the office and then you start hearing a video playing without your consent. That’s what it is these days but there are times when an auto playing video might be necessary and ne of such cases is when you do a Google search and instead of clicking on videos one after the other to see their content, you get a short 6 seconds preview of each video before you decide which one you really need.

Well that’s exactly what Google announced yesterday. So instead a static thumbnail, you will short loops of the content of the videos which should help you make a more informed decision. This could save users time as well considering the number of materials available online. But the big issue is that with this comes increased data usage but Google says it has addressed that by only showing these short previews only when you’re on a Wi-Fi connection.

Google short video

The feature will roll out to users globally on the Google for Android App and Chrome on Android at least for now even though there was no mention of iOS in the Google blog post. This should be available over the next week and this means you may have to update your Google app manually if it’s not already set to do so automatically.

Google knows not everyone would want to use this service which is why you can simply go to the new “Video” part in the Google app and then switch off “autoplay”.

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