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Google Will Give You A $100,000 If You Can Hack A Chromebook


Google is increasing the reward for hacking a Chromebook to $100,000/30m Naira. The announcement was made in a blog post yesterday in line with its practise of rewarding security researchers. Its reported that Google has paid made over $6m/1.2b Naira in payments to security researchers since its launched the “bug bounty” program in 2010. The aim of such programs is to limit exploitation of security flaws as well an overall improvement of it services in terms of security. In some cases, it could be a way of flaunting its security systems.

Why double it?

Apparently since last year when it introduced the $50,000/15m Naira reward, no one has been able to hack the Chrome so they really want to encourage someone to do this. “Since we introduced the $50,000 reward, we haven’t had a successful submission. That said, great research deserves great awards, so we’re putting up a standing six-figure sum, available all year round with no quotas and no maximum reward pool” said Nathan Parker who was simply identified Chrome Defender in the post.

As with every game though, there are rules and you can find Google’s rules here. So guys get hacking

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