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Google Will Soon Launch A Separate Search Result Index For Mobile Users


If we are to go by reports from Search Engine Land, in a few months’ time, we may be seeing different results when we search on mobile and desktop. This is because Google is going to create a separate mobile index from what is currently obtainable on searches made on computers.

Google first announced the idea of doing this last year but it looks like the search giant is now more encouraged as it reported earlier this year that Chrome users for Android and iOS has now passed 1 billion monthly active users.

Google started showing Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) in search results in September thereby giving such pages an edge over others. AMPs are more efficient and open faster than non-AMPed pages. With respect to data, AMPs save 10 times on data than non-AMPed.

The news of a separate index for mobile sites underscores Google’s desire to make the mobile experience better for users.

As for the timing, Search Engine land says it could happen in months

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