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Google’s Permission Allowing Apps Accessing Other Apps Will Be Finite By May


…Google’s becomes stricter with sensitive policies.

Ever since Google added Apple’s privacy label to its personalized privacy, Google and Apple have become more strict in regulating their users. Google is planning to restrict apps built to eavesdrop on your device activities.

The tech company will be more demanding with the apps they would allow access to other installed apps via Google’s play store.

Every app is built with functions similar to other apps, which further process command as a pair is sharing certain features. Some developers built their app to forward personal details about the user of the device while accessing another app,

Nonetheless, Google announced the 5th of May developers would no longer access in-depth information sourced from other apps such as political affiliations and dating preferences. Developers and their apps will have to be transparent with their intentions for requesting such permissions.

Highlighting Android 11 apps that frequently request to access the “QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES” are liable to view all other apps installed on your device. However, Google’s updated Developer Program Policy is centred on protecting sensitive user data that is personal to its user-base interests — the new policy is expected to select developers who are entitled to access these personal details.

According to Google, apps can be permitted to access other apps if they are critical enough to process such commands. For contrast, as soon as Google rolls out its policy, scenarios like “core user facing functionality or purpose, requires broad visibility into installed apps on the user’s device.”

In sum, apps like Antivirus apps, file manager, FinTech app (e-wallet and banking apps), browsers, and other app types that would attach third parties to bolster its security will access Google’s sensitive policy by default.

It is worth more to note the penalties attached to violating Google’s sensitive policy for developers, such as being blocked from its Play Store by Google. The tech company made a declaration form available for developers. This medium justifies if a developer can access other apps — Google made it mandatory to complete filling the form.

As expected, Google anticipates developers that will adamantly dishonour its sensitive policy, and perpetrators will face consequential outcomes. New or old developers on its Play Store are not preferential to the policies if violated.

App experts believe Google’s strict Developer Program Policy is also triggered by federal regulators scrutinizing their services often. So, developers’ accounts are likely to get banned or suspended if found guilty.

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