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Here Are Some Really Great Websites To Visit Next Time You Surf The Net


The internet is such a vast ocean of information that it is practically impossible to swim through it all. It has been said that only about 4% of the information on the internet is available or has been accessed to the average internet surfer. So here is a list of some extremely useful websites and what they can potentially be useful for.

Our first stop is the UNFURLR which will show you what is hiding behind those suspicious and dangerous looking links. This usually starts out with bit.ly or tiny URL among several others. When you encounter any of these links, just copy it and then head to the UNFURLER website, and paste it in the search button there on the website, and click on “check it”. This will show you the URL that the short link will take you to, as well as a lot of information, and at the tail end of the information page, there will be a virus total summary link, which when it is clicked can show you how much safe the original URL is. So the next time you want to see a short link, go to “UNFURLER”.

Next up is a website known as BEFUNKY, which is a photo editing website. To get started, select one of the photo editors and you have the option of uploading one of your photos or choose from one of theirs. At the left hand side of the photo, you will see a list of tools to enhance your photo. It has a photo editing option, the collage maker, a graphic designer, photo effects, touch up and much more. By selecting one of the tools, you just have to move the slider to get the accurate editing you will prefer, and afterwards selecting the check mark. When you are done, you can select save to save the photo to your computer, Facebook, Google Drive or on the Befunky website itself. You can also share on WhatsApp, Pinterest and other social networking websites. Even though it is a free software/app, it offers a premium version also. It also has an app that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Need to feel like a personal Tom Cruise on a Misison Impossible franchise, then you can use Privnote. This is a service that produces self-destruct messages after they are read. It is really simple to use. Just write your note, and while the default option is for the note to self-destruct after it has been read, if you click the “show options” button it gives the option for the message to be destroyed in 30 minutes, one hour or even 30 days. You can also choose a password for yourself and the recipient of the message and you can be notified by email after the note has been destroyed. Privnote is free and it is an easy and convenient way to send secret messages that can only be seen and read by you and your recipient.

Boil the Frog is for those users who use the Spotify music streaming service. It allows you to create a playlist that will gradually take you from one music style to another. You enter two music artistes as your default, and then select “boil the frog”. The playlist will be created starting with your first selection and will end with your last selection with all that can be gradually there in between. If you want to save this playlist to Spotify, select save the playlist and then just log in to your Spotify account to finish saving your playlist. Boil the frog is actually a cool way to create a playlist on Spotify.

Another very efficient website especially in these days of unemployment is Jobscan.  It is a tool that gives job seekers an instant analysis of how well their resume is tailored towards an available vacancy to be applied for. The first step is to paste your resume and then to paste the entire job description in the other box, then press scan. It will go through an analysis of what is good on your resume and what can be improved. As you scroll through the page, it gives additional information. It gives a free trial for a month after which it becomes a paid tool. It is however worth every cent.

QWANT is a European based search engine that claims to be privacy focused. They don’t store or sell your information nor use cookies. When you do a search, it gives the result in a three-plane layout consisting of website, news and social media. You can filter your result in images, music, and shopping. It is great looking search engine.

Highbrow is a non-traditional learning site designed for those people with busy lives. The lessons are five minutes long, delivered over 10 days directly to your email inbox. They now have more than 300,000 learners with more than 200,000 courses to choose from. Those categories include arts, business, tech and coding along with several others. To begin, select a course, and they will provide a brief description of that course, when you are ready, select start course. You will be prompted to enter your email and then select start this course. After you do that, you will receive a new lesson in your email every day. Only one course can be taken at a time. They offer many courses for free but there are premium classes too. I personally recommend this website.

FREECODECAMP is a nonprofit coding site for those who want to become computer programmers. It offers lessons in several skills including HTML5, JAVASCRIPT and many others. If you need help, they have a useful forum to get help from other developers. So if you want to learn how to code for free, free code camp is a great resource.

Still staying in the computer programming category, GEEKSFORGEEKS is another great resource. From the basics of algorithms to data structures to programming languages along with several other categories on their site. It also provides an interview section which details how other users fared in their interview at tech companies including Amazon, Google and others. It is truly a computer help centre for geeks.

REFDESK is a website that provides additional resources on the internet in different categories. Don not be fooled by their outdated looking website, it is actually a pretty good website containing tons of useful information. Free, friendly, credible with easy to use interface.

That’s the much we can take for now but if you think there’s an important site we’re missing, please let me know via info@techbooky.com.


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