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Top Healthcare App Development Business Ideas of 2020


The ongoing pandemic has produced fear among all the individuals and has gradually forced them to take preventive measures and protect themselves from this destructive virus.

This lockdown scenario attracted more individuals into a healthy lifestyle and the individuals became more conscious and cautious about their health.

Smart devices and apps that showed the blood pressure, pulse rate, heart rate and much more showed an exponential growth in its usage under this global lockdown.

The digital transformation of healthcare services proved more beneficial and added more value to the overall healthcare industry which was highly appreciated by all in the toughest times.

The hard times under this pandemic worked as a blessing in disguise as the business owners searched for new and creative options which could bring exciting rewards as the individuals are looking for feasible and convenient solutions, especially in healthcare.

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Let us discuss the top business ideas for the year 2020:

1.   Electronic Health record app :

  • Such app records and keeps a track of the patient’s medical history digitally and a doctor can diagnose the health problems and medical issues of the patients remotely.
  • The digitalization of data makes helps in reducing the costs as well as medical errors.
  • It also encourages message tracking of staff, clinics, hospitals, labs and it is often considered as the best way healthcare app development business idea for this year.

2.   Doctor appointment booking app:

  • One of the most trending business ideas in this healthcare industry.
  • It’s cost-effective, it delivers better attainability to patients especially in rural areas which helps them to consult doctors and get the medications on time.
  • Such apps have shortened the waiting time in long queues just for few minutes of check-up from the doctors.

3.   Personal medical record apps

  • Such apps impart cognizance in the health of individuals.
  • It often encourages easy data sharing and remotely accessible data which further enhances the user experience.
  • This kind of apps provides a user to keep track of all the medical documents and files digitally so that there remains no hassle in searching a file while rushing to the doctor.
  • Everything gets available on the phone and is handy.
  • It is one of the most innovative ideas for the mobile healthcare industry.

4.   Health monitoring app

  • In the healthcare industry, health monitoring apps play an important role in monitoring and keeping a track of the daily activities of the user.
  • Prescription sharing and communication between the patients and the doctors get easily available as such apps act as a platform to further enhance communication between both the parties.
  • Wearable devices have further escalated the growth of such apps and it becomes more convenient for the users to monitor their daily activities with regards to their health.

5.   Meditation apps

  • Meditation apps are the new trending apps in the town as individuals in their stressful lives need to attain mental peace.
  • Mental health along with physical health becomes equally important in an individual’s life.
  • The sudden pandemic shook the pillars of all the industries whether they are small-scale, medium-scale or large-scale.
  • Meditation apps will provide mental peace and silence that an individual after the busy schedule craves for.
  • Such apps improve focus, remove stress, anxiety and various other psychological problems that are often ignored by individuals in their busy lifestyle.


Why healthcare app development is beneficial?

Getting into the mobile healthcare industry will prove beneficial for all whether they are healthcare professionals or business owners:

1.    Access anywhere

Such features in the healthcare industry prove beneficial for both healthcare professionals as well as patients as they can communicate remotely from the comfort of their homes and it brings effective solutions to their real problems.

2.    Easy data management

With technological advancements and digitalization, patient data management has been revamped significantly.

It facilitates easy storage of data which further adds more value to the overall healthcare industry.

3.    Connected Services

Such apps provide a smooth network of communication which bridges the communication gap between the patients and doctors.

Timely decision and advice can help in prevention of a minor problem from getting converted into a major problem.

4.    Low cost

The cost of using this apps is very low when compared with the actual cost when you visit a doctor in-person.

Less infrastructure along with less staff of professionals makes its more cheap when compared to physical clinics and dispensaries in the healthcare market.

5.    Dependency on Technology

The millennials and techno-savvy people around the world are looking for the feasible options which are feasible and convenient.

Such healthcare apps provides the users to consult a doctor at the comfort of their homes. This can be the main reason behind the popularity of such mobile apps.


Healthcare mobile app development process

There are mainly developmental phase that an individual needs to keep in mind.

1.   Define your strategy

Understanding the demand of customers and planning according to their needs and desires by framing out various strategies which proves beneficial for the company.

Moreover, defining goals, visions and missions brings positive rewards as it smoothens the workflow of the business.

Several aspects further contributes to the success of the business and mobile healthcare is no exception to it.

Defining targets, framing out various strategies and plans for the successful venture of the business makes the apps gain more popularity and success.

One dimensional vision in any business cannot bring the desired results.

Working on the current demand of the customers can bring the favourable results for time-being but for the long run one needs to focus on developing strategies which can reap the rewards in the long run.

Working on trends can provide better outcomes and profits for businesses and can help in deciding the direction which needs to be focused.



Whether you are a doctor, healthcare professional or business owners such healthcare apps can bring the desired benefits for your business.

Developing apps in the era of digitalization is the first step towards making a revolutionary move in the healthcare industry.


About the Author

Parth Patel is a serial entrepreneur and CEO of SyS Creations which is a top healthcare app development company. Operating the IT Infrastructure of SMEs and startups keeps him on his toes and his passion for helping others keeps him motivated.

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