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Innovative Medical Devices Transforming Healthcare


Businesses and hospitals across the world are embracing medical research to develop technologies and devices that will benefit the healthcare industry significantly. It appears to be the way forward for healthcare, especially since the innovation of the X-ray which was invented back in 1895. It’s very rare to find a hospital or medical practice that doesn’t have an X-ray on site. Over the years, despite new technologies still being introduced into the healthcare industry, there are still improvements needed for treating particular diseases.

Implantable System for Remodulin (ISR)

Remodulin is used to treat hypertension in the body, which causes high blood pressure and pulmonary arteries. Currently, how the drug is inserted into patients through a an external infusion pump which isn’t beneficial for the patient as it can lead to interference of their daily activity and it’s prone to becoming infected. The ISR is a device that was created by a medical device company called Medtronic to help inject Remodulin into humans. It uses the infusion pump and a catheter to help insert it into the patient, preventing the chances of infection and interfering less with the patient’s daily routine.

Ice Cold Mouthpiece

The Ice Cold Mouthpiece is a device that can be used to treat patients with oral issues such as mucositis that is developed from radio or chemotherapy. Oral mucositis results in a painful swelling within the mouth, forming ulceration of the mucus in the membranes of the mouth. It can lead to scarring which aggravates further pain on the patient and can also contribute to infections. To treat oral mucositis, it requires the mouth to be cooled and this is traditionally conducted by cooling the mouth through ice chips. However, this isn’t ideal for patients who have sensitive teeth or require oxygen. The Ice Cold Mouthpiece is a mouth device that is filled with salt water and the outer circle of the device filled with pure water. It sits perfectly into the patient’s mouth as it’s fit into the mouth, helping to relieve the symptoms of the issues.

Foundation One CDX

The Foundation One CDX device has been revolutionary with cancer treatment. It’s essentially a diagnostic device that can help report on genetic mutations that form within the body. The test analyses 324 genes in solid tumours in total and the reports are updated regularly to identify further mutations that could be markers of cancer. In doing this, the device can help to better inform decisions on the best possible way to treat an individual patient’s cancer and provide them with personal medicine to help treat the individual person’s issues.

How far technologies have come since the development of the X-ray is truly remarkable, with more and more research being made into technologies to develop their use. We are now beginning to see revolutions in coolsculpting Manchester based, plastic surgery and other forms of medical care. Soon enough, technology has the influence to completely change how diseases are treated and diagnosed for many centuries.

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