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Here is the Browser specially made for Geeks


A good news for nerds! Breach Browser has entered the market with new functionalities and uniqueness of its own to beat current choice of browsers in the market. As compared to Chrome, IE, Opera, Firefox and other existing browsers, Breach Browser gives full-fledged modules for geeks. This browser is not made for ordinary people. You cannot operate it just by installing the browser, you need to install few modules, in order to run the browser.

Stabislas Polu, a web developer from San Francisco has developed this browser for geeks. The browser is based on Chromium content API and Polu has developed the user interface using HTML 5 and Javascript. Node.js event controls and processes all javascript as well as core process of IPC in Breach. Geeks can customise this browser by writing lines of JS/CSS code. Every functionality and features in Breach browser is a module. Even a web application in this browser runs as separate process.

The browser is still in Alpha stage and is available for geeks, developers to test. You can download the alpha version of browser from www.breach.cc

source: Efytimes Network

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