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Blisk Is The Latest Of Developer Browsers. See The Features That Has Developers Talking About It


There are browsers and then there are browsers which means that there are two kinds of people on the internet; those who surf the web regularly and those who create web applications. The first set of people would regularly need the Chromes and Firefoxes among others while the second group of people typically require a little more than that. Mozilla has a  Developer Firefox Edition which provides tools for fast execution and enhanced security of applications. And then there was Breach which   is based on Chromium content API and Polu has developed the user interface using HTML 5 and Javascript. Node.js event controls and processes all javascript as well as core process of IPC in Breach. Geeks can customise this browser by writing lines of JS/CSS code. Every functionality and features in Breach browser is a module. Even a web application in this browser runs as separate process.

Today though, let’s talk about the newest of such tools; Blisk and its already being called the true browser for developers. Its currently only  availabe for Windows with plans for Mac and Linux soon.

So why Blisk?

For starters, the browser comes with preinstalled tools from the prototype to development and then to the testing phase. It allows for updates and bug fixing as well. These tools are not meant for desktop alone as it comes with a wide array of development and testing tools for mobile devices as well.

Blisk synchronizes URL and scroll position for both mobile and desktop. Mobile and desktop follow each other by URL and scroll position.

  • Visually compare the same elements on desktop and mobile
  • Stay focused on the same page while coding
  • Speed up testing of mobile and responsive layout

The above simply means that developers have a chance to continue working on their code on any device from the exact point where they stopped. It doesn’t matter what device it is mobile or desktop. This is a pretty cool feature depending on how you see it.

There is the auto-refresh feature. Every time you save code changes – Blisk refreshes tab(s). Try to open IDE in one screen, Blisk – in another and focus on development.  This updates page contents automatically across multiple tabs.


Blisk Analytics Dashboard

There are other cool features like the analytics functionality that monitors your code for a host of factors like load speed and compatibility with other browsers. You also get to see real time bug reports. blisk-screenshotsThere’s also the one click screen shots that allows developers share information on technical issues with members of their team. This information is then saved to the cloud for easy access by authorised members of your team at any time.

Lastly, Blisk can be integrated with third party platforms like Google Drive, Trello and Dropbox among others.

There you go, click here to download the  Blisk browser.

                            Screenshots in one click

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