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Here’s How To Disable Those Bad Memories From Appearing In Your Facebook News Feed


If you’ve been on Facebook for some time now, you may have noticed the “On this day” feature you see in your feed. It basically a feature that helps you recall memories good or bad based on your post from previous years. How about unpleasant memories like break-ups, accidents or even deaths? Well Facebook is now letting users block out such memories. You can visit the “On This Day” page to make these changes.

on this day

Once on this page, click on “Preferences” in the upper right corner. You should see a pop up notification with the message Your memories are yours, so you should control which ones you see in On This Day. Memories include things such as your posts and other people’s posts that you’re tagged in, major life events and when you became friends with someone on Facebook. Use these filters to help make sure that we show you memories from On This Day in a way that’s meaningful for you.”

Thee you can filter dates and people whose memories you don’t wish to be reminded of.

The “On This Day” feature was launched in March this year and was heavily criticised for not allowing users much control of their own memories. Well the holiday season is almost here, so you might not have to see those bad memories that may spoil the mood.

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