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Here’s How To Use The Hidden Backspace Feature In The iPhone Calculator


If you have been frustrated in the past like me because each time you want to delete a figure in the iPhone calculator, it looks like there’s a way around that now. On the 3rd of May, a Twitter user with handle @censoredialogue tweeted a video showing how iPhone users can backspace through numbers.

So the user says all you have to do is swipe left of right on the display and the calculator will delete the last number you typed. But this users only opened our eyes to something that has been in existence since 2010 at least which means since the launch of iOS 4 according to this Apple support post.

While this now looks something like “I should have known” in retrospect, it looks like many Apple users didn’t know about it considering that the post has since received over 34,000 likes in the last six days alone.

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