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Here’s What To Expect From Apple’s Upcoming News App


By now you may have heard that Apple will having an event on the 9th of this month where new products and services are billed to be unveiled but the iOS 9 is something everyone is waiting for. This is because of some of its features. Among one of the things we expect to see in that update later this year is the new News app. This service will work something similar to Flipboard. We are now hearing that it will be launched with over 50 publishers. Apple already has a stock market app which you can use to monitor stocks and important stock market reports from top channels like CNBC and Bloomberg. Just like Flipboard, you would be able to read stories you care about.


Just like its Music app which has metamorphosed into a full music streaming service Apple will count on its huge user base again to accelerate usage.

“The new Apple News Format lets you create stunning content for News. You can author once and News will optimize your content for all iOS devices, so your readers will have a great experience no matter which device they use. It’s easy to connect to existing content management systems, and you get access to a rich suite of tools to measure user engagement with your content. Sign up as a publisher and we’ll let you know when the Apple News Format becomes available” Apple said on its website.

Advert management is something publishers want cleared up and on the Apple website, it says you can earn 100% of your ad money but when you do that through iAd which is Apple’s advert management tool, you earn 70% of the revenue. So far publishers seem to be okay with this.

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