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Here’s what you need to know about this newly discovered “Freak” ssl flaw


A Washington Post article gave us some insight into a bug that left users of Apple and Google devices open to attacks when visiting hundreds of thousands of sites in what is now known as “Freak” security flaw. This vulnerability borders on loop holes in web encryption technology which could make it easy for attackers

According to Recode a group of nine researchers discovered that they could force Web browsers to use a form of encryption that was intentionally weakened to comply with U.S. government regulations that ban American companies from exporting the strongest encryption standards, according to the paper.

Once they caused the site to use the weaker export encryption standard, they were then able to break the encryption within a few hours. That could allow hackers to steal data and potentially launch attacks on the sites themselves by taking over elements on a page, the newspaper reported.

Google has come out to say they had developed a patch but when you will receive those upgrades is yet to be known.

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