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Here’s your “this past week in Tech” news


This Past week in Tech

We hope you have had a good week in Tech with TechBooky.

Here’s your “this past week in Tech” for the week ending 14th November, 2014.

W start with news from Facebook about its setting up a link to its network via the anonymous platform Tor. You could access Facebook via Tor before this announcement with the difference now being it’s been made official and this means you connection won’t  be mistaken for a hacked account. Read more  on this and the Tor network here. Facebook also reported that it now has over 500 million users on its “forced download” messenger. Users of Facebook will now have greater control over news feed; with this you can easily unfollow and follow back people, choose what you want to see from them in your feed. Read more on this here

facebook messenger



Facebook messenger logo

Microsoft has unveiled its first non-Nokia Microsoft Windows phone. The Microsoft Lumia 535 is a low end Windows phone. Read more here

We also reported from the African continent that Rwanda has joined other nations on the continent in rolling out its own 4G-LTE service. This is a welcome announcement as data demand has been on the rise in Rwanda and the continent in general. Read more here 

Twitter plans an “instant timeline” service for guests and non account holders. This would help them see activities on the site and then decide whether to sign up/sign in. This is to convert its 500 million visitors into users. Read more on this story here

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Twitter inc logo

In era where video streaming and other on-demand services is in demand by users, Sony using its PlayStation platform has launched its own service called “vue”. Read more here

And lest we forget, Samsung has announced that it is building a $3b factory in Vietnam. The plant is in addition to the already working $2b plant in the country. With this, Samsung aims to  increase production of its smart devices. Read more here

Thanks for staying with us this past week. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.



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