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Infographic: Here Are Highest Paid Blockchain Jobs


Blockchain prowess grabbed the No. 1 spot on the recent skills index by Upwork for being the most popular in the U.S. job sector. This is just one of the many measures for how great the demand is for people with blockchain knowledge.

Blockchain may have started is steps for developing cryptocurrencies to support finance, but now this technology extended its reach to several other industries healthcare, insurance, manufacturing and much more.

The only way for companies to move forward and achieve goals with blockchain is to hire people who are experienced and have blockchain knowledge to drive this new technology into the right path.

Here we’ll focus on what blockchain technology is, what are the best blockchain jobs and careers are available today.

According to the survey conducted by Upwork’s skills, blockchain is the rapid-growing skill among 5000 other skills on their site. At present, demand has overtaken the supply.

Burning Glass Technologies revealed that renowned companies and other industries offered 5,743 full-time jobs for people with blockchain skills in the last 12 months.

Even though in skillswise, blockchain technology is in its early stage, it’s a hotcake for from start-ups as well as established and popular companies like IBM and Samsung.

Companies and industries are focusing on not only cryptocurrencies developed by blockchain but how the allocated ledgers that are the spine of blockchain can be executed in other areas such as supply chains, contracts, legal, and more.

To give you more information about job roles and their pay in blockchain technology, one of our friends from Mrdesigner.org has developed an infographic. Please, share your thoughts on our infographic.

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