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A Simple Guide to Home Theater Set Up


A home theater will revolutionize your movie-watching experience. Set it up correctly to get the most out of your purchase.

Select the Right Equipment

Modern home theater systems come in all shapes and sizes. You can purchase a complete system with surround sound speakers and smart technology; you can also go the build-your-own route with a smart TV and a soundbar. Choose compatible equipment that meets modern standards.

A home theater system typically includes a soundbar, a subwoofer, and several room speakers. Remember that better speakers will almost always create a more impressive listening experience.

Position Your Speakers

Start by deciding where your television will sit in the room and choosing your seating area. Next, place your speakers to create a convincing surround sound experience.

Most home theater systems come with multiple speakers. A soundbar should always go directly under or above the television. Additional speakers should be placed around the room; check to make sure the left and right speakers are in the correct locations. Subwoofers are usually placed in a corner to increase sound output, but you should try several placements until you like the sound.

Connect Your Devices

Your speakers will need to be connected to the television. The nature of this connection varies greatly between theater systems; refer to your manual for specific instructions. You should be aware that connecting speakers to the incorrect jacks will interfere with the quality of your surround sound.

Modern theater technology is often compatible with your other devices. If you have a smart TV, you might be able to connect it to your mobile phone or tablet. This will let you stream audio through your new speaker system.

Customize Your Preferences

Every detail of your modern home theater can be tweaked to perfection. Start with the digital preferences available on your television; you might need to set up the internet connection, change the channel settings, or give permission to specific devices.

Next, play with the sound settings on your speakers. You can calibrate your speakers to get the best sound for the room you’re in. Pay attention to the crossover level, or the point at which bass is sent to the subwoofer; you should also calibrate the volume on each speaker to achieve a comfortable balance.

When you first install your home theater, budget plenty of time to customize the little details. If you put the effort in on your first day, you’ll have amazing sound and great visuals for years to come.

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