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Tips To Enhance Your Safety While Using Dating Apps


A significant number of folks around the world use dating apps to find someone to connect with. They do this for reasons such as companionship, searching for a soulmate, and sometimes just for fun.

Regardless, one has to be very careful when using these apps and also check the kind of information they share in the process of usage. Folks will also do themselves a lot of good to consider if the information they’re given access to is correct or wrong. 

Making someone aware of your whereabouts when you eventually decide to go out with someone is vital, as well as making them aware of the person in question. Dating apps have been established as a great means for meeting folks, but one has to tread the cautious path.

  • How to choose a dating app

What you want at the onset will determine the kind of dating app you opt for. Anyone who is interested in a serious relationship could try an app like eHarmony instead of an app like Adult Friend Finder. You’ll do yourself a lot of good by reading the reviews for the dating app you eventually decide to make do with.

Sometimes, folks may be interested in a special kind of relationship with someone, or in making friends based on common interests. There are various apps out there through which these relationships can be established.

An app like Raya is suitable for folks who work and have an interest in creatives while an app like Tastebuds is ideal for food lovers. Know what you want and see if the app meets your requirements before making a choice.

  • Be mindful of the information you share

It’s a no-brainer that sharing your home address online comes with its risks, after all, you’d hardly share your residential information with a stranger on the streets. 

However, folks still share info of where they reside online. Away from the topic for a bit. Talking about sharing your info online, a reputable gaming brand like Casimba casino will ensure that the details you provide during registration are safe and uncompromised, in your quest to win big at an online casino.

A good number of folks also share their real names in dating apps. This will allow complete strangers and even stalkers to investigate you online, and also discover some personal information you may not want to share publicly. It is advisable to use a username that is not related to your real name when using dating apps.

  • Take the supposed truths with a pinch of salt

Research has shown that a whopping 57% of people lie about their profile information on dating apps. Details such as location, age, physical attributes, marital status, amongst others are common things that folks lie about.

Anyway, this ultimately depends on your preference as factors such as age, physical attributes, amongst others may not matter to you. Regardless, it’s advisable to take the information on a dating profile with a pinch of salt and not trust totally.


  • A step to take before meeting up

Studies show that 28% of women and 43% of men have been catfished in their adventures with dating apps. Being catfished means being lured into a relationship by means of a fictional online persona, the person is not who they pretend to be.

Therefore, it is advisable to do a video chat even before considering meeting anybody just to ascertain the identity of the person you would be meeting when the time comes. This is better and safer than conversing via phone.

These aforementioned methods should be adopted by users of dating apps before any meetup is arranged. Even if the progression to finally meeting materializes, do well to inform folks about your whereabouts and also reveal the details of the person you intend to meet.

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