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How To See Hidden Photos Of Friends On Facebook


In this article originally posted on the Business Insider website, you’ll learn to do two things. One of them being able to see hidden photos from your friends and the other is how to keep your hidden photos really hidden. Now this doesn’t help anyone who is more interested in the first category because once the photos are really hidden, you may need to simply ask your friend.

Facebook’s Graph Search makes it pretty easy to creep on just about anyone, even if you aren’t friends with them, and find tons of images of they are tagged in.

By simply searching “Photos of” with the name of the person you want to search, you can see any image they are tagged in, even if they hid it from their feed.

facebook search 0

The caveat is if you are not friends with the person you are searching, you will only see images that are shared with the public or images that have been tagged by a mutual friend or a friend of a friend.

You’ll see all the images available, including ones that aren’t hidden from their timeline.

How to keep your hidden photos hidden

If you want to keep your hidden pics under the radar you can simply remove the tag. This will make it so the images are not searchable.

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You can also adjust your privacy settings for “Timeline and Tagging” so that when you are tagged in a post it doesn’t get shared with anyone but you. This will remove all tagged images from your Facebook page, only allowing you to view them. 



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