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How To Send Files Like APK, PDF And Others On WhatsApp


WhatsApp is now being used by over 800 million on the planet with figures projected to climb to 1 billion by 2017. With features like calls and voice chat,  more people are inclined to use WhatsApp considering how simple it is to use it. Personally I have wondered why you can’t send files over WhatsApp just like Skype, but now this post from the Hacker University shows you how to go around this to eventually start sending files over WhatsApp. Give it a try and let’s know what you think. 

So now lets see how the process could be initiated and what you all have to do. Install the Mediafire Application and WhatsApp in case you are not having.

  • Now make sure that the file you wanna send is present in your phone.
  • Open the mediafire application and create your free account in it.
  • Now you need to upload the files that you wanna share with people on whatsapp on mediafire, it can be done easily.
  • After your file is uploaded on mediafire, click the button and share option will be visible to you.
  • In that you will see the WhatsApp option, choose that and then select either the person, group or broadcasting channel.

That’s it, now your file will be sent to that particular person, in case your friend wants to have a look on that file, he can either view it directly, or transfer the file to his or her computer and see the file easily.

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