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Google Wallet (Now GPay): How To Setup And Use For Online Payment In Nigeria


The world is filled with lots of electronic payment options. There are several payment platforms that can be linked to a financial institution. And there are those that issue debit or credit cards that can be used at automated teller machines (ATM). Google Wallet is one of the online payment platforms with a difference.

What is Google Wallet?

Google Wallet or Gpay is a secure, fast and free way of sending and receiving money. With Google Wallet, you can send and receive money as long as you have a Gmail account or phone number linked to a Gmail account associated with a debit or credit card. The transaction can be done either via the Google Wallet app, Gmail or on the web page wallet.google.com

How Google Wallet Works

Google Wallet is a new mobile application created by Google. You can use it to buy goods and services with an ability to manage only the Near Field Communications enabled by the mobile phone. Virtual copies of your actual plastic credit and debit cards are created on mobile phones by Google Wallet.

You, therefore, do not need to carry plastic bank cards with you. Google wallet also stores loyalty cards, coupons, and offers for shoppers. Funding Google Wallet in Nigeria requires having a bank card of one of the partners of Google. The cards are Citi, Sprint, Discover, Visa MasterCard, and American Express. You may simply obtain any of these cards via Google Wallet partner banks and then fund it…

Google Wallet also works with Google Offers. This service helps to deal with services and products relevant to your search location and term while you are using apps, like Google Offers, Shopper, Latitude, Google Maps, and Google Search. After you make your searches and save the offers – they will synchronize automatically with other applications. You may need to use Google Wallet when you shop at the merchant location.

If you have a bank account linked, it will take about 3 days to receive money sent to you. If you have a debit card linked, it will take a few minutes or at most 24hrs to receive money sent to you. And if you were sent money via Gmail and you don’t have a Google Wallet account, you will be sent a link by which you can withdraw your money into a bank account or debit card.

 How To Set Up Google Wallet Account

In order to use the Google Wallet, NFC technology is needed for receiving and transmitting data. Near Field Communication is a versatile and extremely fast technology can be used in everything, like t-shirts, stickers and movie posters. The embedded chip provides information about the object which can be enabled to read with an NFC provided device. The enabled NFC devices can be used to transfer the data at close proximity.

Before you will be able to set up a Google Wallet account, you need to have a Gmail account and a bank account or debit card. Once you have this, you may proceed to open a Google wallet account through the steps below:

  1. Log on to www.wallet.google.com
  2. Create an account with your Gmail
  3. Login to your account and link your credit or debit card with the wallet. Then your account is ready for use.

You can also download the Google Wallet app through the Google play store for free. Launch the app and sign in with your Gmail.

How To Send Money With Google Wallet

  1. Launch either the Google wallet app or log on to wallet.google.com
  2. Login with your Gmail
  3. Navigate and click on the Compose tab
  4. Input the recipient’s Gmail
  5. Input your message. (This is optional)
  6. Navigate and click on the currency icon
  7. Input the amount you want to send.
  8. Check through the message and if it’s OK, click on send.

How To Receive Money On Google Wallet

Google Wallet in Nigeria can be used at merchant locations with a PayPass or MasterCard logo. If your payment is successful, you will receive a notification message about its successful transaction immediately,— or when you shop with Google Wallet at Google SingleTap merchant locations, you can also earn some Google offers, loyalty points and coupons. Google Wallet can store your gift cards, loyalty cards, offers and credit cards. Its goal is to illuminate any physical need of an actual wallet.

Below are steps on how to receive using your Gmail account.

  1. Log into your Gmail account
  2. Open the message alerting you of the money recalled
  3. Navigate and click on claim
  4. Verify your I, entity with Google Wallet
  5. Receive money into your account or debit card.
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