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Huawei Is Accusing The US Government Of Coercing Its Employees To Provide Company Info


China’s Huawei Technologies is accusing the US government of using its judicial and administrative powers and other means to disrupt its business and its partners’.  

The technology firm on Tuesday alleged that the US government was leveraging on the law enforcement agency to coerce and entice its employees to turn against the company as it employs new strategies to threaten and kick Huawei out of business.

Huawei has been at the tail end of the trade war between China and the United States causing the world’s No. 2 smartphone maker to be on an entity list which cut off its access to American suppliers of essential US components and technology.  Although American business including Apple Inc and American suppliers have also felt the heat caused by the blacklist.

A spokesman from the Justice Department said that their investigations comply with details governed by law and follows a due process. “In all matters, our investigative techniques enjoy the same rights to due process afforded by our Constitution and safeguarded by an independent judiciary.”

The Shenzhen-based company allege that the Us government was abusing its power to bring the company down at all cost. It said in a public statement that some employees of the tech firm have been subjected to unlawful searches, detention and arrest, while some others have been visited by the FBI asking them for sensitive information regarding the company.

Huawei says in a document that eight employees are involved in this unlawful behaviour and all of them are mid-high level executives. It said further that the most recent happening took place on August 28. An employee from Huawei informed the company that an FBI agent visited him asking that he should become their informant.

The Justice Department refused the FBI from having a separate comment on the matter.

Geng Shuang, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman has opposed US moves to target a company without proof or evidence. He called on The Trump led administration to put an end to its irritational pressure on Chinese companies in the US and instead work to create a non-discriminatory environment for their operations, with an emphasis that the behaviour of the US government is “disgraceful.

Although Huawei did not provide any evidence to back its claims, the tech firm allege that three of its employees have reported them to the company since the beginning of the year.  Aside from the harassments, Huawei claimed also that the US government has launched cyber-attacks on the company and mobilised other companies that work with the Chinese tech to pull them down with unsubstantiated accusations.

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