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Hurray, our dear PlayStation is 20 and Sony has a special announcemnt to mark it


So our dear PlayStation or PS as gamers call it is now 20 years old. Yesterday marked the 20th anniversary of the Sony PlayStation. To mark this, the Japanese company announced a limited edition PS4.

According to the blog post from Sony, we are told that the console will be gray. Does this bring back any memories already? Well if it doesn’t, the first PlayStation released on the 3rd of December, 1994 was gray.

See the pictures of the limited consoles below;

limited PS4 edition limited PS4 edition3 limited PS4 edition2 limited PS4 edition1


Across the world, the past 20 years witnessed a boom in game development but with the online gaming services booming, moregame lovers have concnetreated on mobile gaming but whether this has adversely affected console slaes over the years is yet to be seen. The chart above shows the total number in sales of consoles.


game console sales figures

Game console sale figures  over the years Source: Wikipedia

Only 12,300 units of the 20th Anniversary PS4 will be released, as contained in the video attached to this post with pre-orders beginning on Saturday. Details of how to go about getting yourself one of these 12,300 units will be conveyed in a presentation a PlayStation event in Las Vegas.

This comes up at 1PM ET or 7PM in Nigeria’s time.

So if you’re interested in this, keep an ear out for the Las Vegas event and honeslty, I wouldn’t mind one myself or maybe we can get one for the TechBooky family.

Read the official statement from the Sony PlayStation blog

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