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COVID-19: IATA, The International Aviator Launches A Contactless “Travel Pass” App


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The International Air Transport Association (IATA), recently revealed its progress to developing its mobile app that tracks COVID-19. The portable Travel Pass platform aims to relieve the restrictions their passengers are likely to encounter.

The platform gives customers the privilege to travel with safety precautions, the access to navigate through travel restrictions, the access to the customer vaccine certificate and the privacy to share covid-19 tests.

The outbreak of the Coronavirus that resulted in multiple economic sectors that can only conduct a business transaction with physical contact to close operations. Meanwhile, just as borders were closed aviation companies were affected the most. With the responsiveness to this app, IATA has improvised to the current market conditions to conduct business.

The international aviation body aims to revive the aviation sector since the pandemic has not been favourable to it terms of conducting services. Most countries are still yet to relieve the restrictions to access its border with the intent to curtailing the further spread of the virus.

IATA global association channelled the Travel Pass platform as a means to upgrade its level of conducting business that also looks out for the healthcare of its customers. The aviation body dubbed its travel pass app ‘Contactless Travel’ and will be available on mobile app stores by the first half of 2021.

IATA security chief Nick Careen said that the travel pass systemic procedure would replace the government-imposed quarantine on freshly landed passengers that usually ends up being stuffing.

Nick Careen said: “Our main priority is to get people travelling again safely. That means giving governments confidence that systematic COVID-19 testing can work as a replacement for quarantine requirements.”

IATA security personnel also noted that the platform was not designed to encounter data privacy complications that are expected of an online platform. Although, its user’s data is processed through a blockchain network that gives its users direct access to control its activities. In September, the African Union endorsed a travel pass platform and dubbed it ‘Panabios’ to promote easy entrance into other African countries.

The IATA platform boosts the company objectives that prioritize its passenger’s health. The contactless travel app has a network of authenticated laboratories that gives its passengers access to conduct a check-up before travelling. The app also displays the passenger’s passport credentials and its user’s vaccination certificates issued from the labs.

The app is developed based on open-source software solutions for easy access. The Travel Pass app requires a current health status to commence further testing and vaccination centres. The flexibility of the contactless travel platform also permits other airlines members to access its features.

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