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IBM To Invest $60m/11.9b Naira In Africa Over the Next three Years


IBM is reported to be planning a $60m/ 11.9b Naira. According to a report by Business Cloud News, the money will be channelled into expanding IBM’s technical academy and other educational initiatives. The long term aim is to bolster capabilities in big data, analytics and cloud services.

The courses will be administered by IBM technical experts along with key faculty from participating universities.

“With a research laboratory, innovation centers, offices and other advanced facilities in more than 24 African countries, IBM has the highest concentration of technical talent on the African continent,” said Naguib Attia, IBM chief technology officer & vice president of technical leadership, MEA.

“As the leader in science and technology in Africa, we see it as IBM’s responsibility to make a strategic investment in skills development helping to lay the foundations of the Africa of tomorrow,” he said.

Attia said partners hope to reach up to 35,000 students by 2017.

IBM’s big data analytic tool Watson which launched in 2011 keeps breaking grounds from technology to medicine and even behavioural patterns.

IBM’s African research lab is based in Kenya.

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