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iceCUBED X Partners With VoguePay to Power bitcoin Transactions in Nigeria


Nigerian online payment processor, VoguePay andiceCUBEDX have partnered to allow clients to trade bitcoin in their native Naira using their existing VoguePay wallets to fund their transactions.

The bitcoin market will officially begin trading on the 12th January 2015 and Nigerians can buy/sell orders for bitcoin instantly with further integration possibilities already in place to provide full crypto-merchant services to customers.
In a statement, Gareth Grobler, Founder ICE³ said, “We have to be realistic though, the Bitcoin technology has yet to be packaged and applied correctly for it to be a mainstream alternative currency, but as an agnostic payment settlement mechanism within a larger framework it ticks all the boxes and could perhaps have a significant impact on shaping the Nigerian digital economy landscape. It is a market that simply just cannot be ignored any longer.”

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The Naira Market on ICE³X is currently live in the production environment and users are currently being verified in anticipation of the official market opening on 12th January 2015. ICE³X have been operating a successful bitcoin exchange in their native currency, Rand, since August 2013 and are also launching the Dollar and Sterling markets on the exchange at the end of January 2015.

VoguePay aims to power cross border processing capabilities using Bitcoin in Africa and not just Nigeria Bitcoin businesses and the firm says it bringing secure and effective payment processing facilities to Nigeria and is rapidly expanding their product offering to include alternative currencies.

“It’s been an amazing year for VoguePay. As we recently launched our latest platform (V 2.0), thousands of transactions have already experienced our unique service that our platform has to offer; and we are excited to be recognised as the best Nigerian online payment platform. Building relationships with reputable companies such as iceCUBED in South Africa, who are also focused on making e-payment accessible to as many people as possible; we will continue to set the pace of the Nigerian online payment industry. The example we are setting will pave the way for young African entrepreneurs to foster better business relationships, making the online markets more accessible to millions of Africans.” -VoguePay Compliance and Marketing director, Geoffrey WeliWosu.

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