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The Correct Marketing Practices For ICO To Grab Increased Attention


Formulating an ICO marketing strategy can make the difference between success and failure of a project. Some of the main reasons why an ICO fails to hit the mark is because of lack of clarity in their whitepaper, no community awareness being generated, and lack of value in the token being distributed to the investors. 

The Typical Methods Used in ICO Promotion Are 

  • Whitepaper preparation – It is like the prospectus of a project. It contains all the information about the project such as start date, end date, benefits offered to investors, tokenomics, key milestones, the capital required, and the legal terms and conditions. It has to offer valuable insights to interested investors. 

  • Optimization of the website – Since the website acts as the central point of communication with the investors, it should include a clear call to action, links to the social media pages of the firm, a detailed overview of the entire project, roadmap of the token sale, photos of the team members and advisors, and updates on the progress made in the project. Utilize Google Tag Manager (GTM) for tracking the traffic related to your project. 

  • Establish your presence on social media platforms – Promote your brand on the leading social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Steemit, and discussion forums like Reddit, Quora, and Bitcointalk. Hire dedicated social media managers to increase your brand recognition.

  • Create an ICO whitelist – A whitelist is an exclusive catalogue of potential contributors interested in your ICO project. People can be part of the whitelist by sharing social posts, participating in discussions on forums, and sharing press releases. Advantages of building a whitelist are a boost in engagement, generating more awareness, and creating a sense of urgency around your ICO. 

  • Involving in Search Engine Optimization – SEO helps in contributing to the long-term growth of an ICO. Your target audience will become interested in your ICO as the content will appear high on the Google search results. However, it requires specialists to implement it and takes considerable time to deliver results. Regular SEO audits help to improve the search result rankings, building website traffic, and increase the inflow of investments for the ICO. Guest blogging is a great way of promoting your own ICO

  • Organize airdrop campaigns – Airdrop campaigns distribute tokens for free to the registered users. A smart contract must be developed and should contain details about the array of addresses to send the tokens, and the number of tokens to be sent. Airdrops help in spreading the positive buzz about the ICO project. The website and marketing channels must be well-set before kickstarting the airdrop campaign. You can also list your airdrop on top websites like Airdropalert, Airdropaddict, and Airdroptracker. You can also share details of your airdrop on platforms like Telegram, Twitter and Reddit. Evaluate the transaction fees and the total value of tokens being given before opting for an airdrop to promote ICO. 

  • List your ICO on the leading ICO rating sites – ICO listing sites have a detailed calendar of the current and upcoming ICO’s in the market. General information such as the project name, token details, ICO website link, and project summary need to be submitted. Some of the popular ICO rating sites are ICOalert, Coinschedule, ICOcountdown, and coingecko. Paying for a premium ICO advertising spot can take your project to the top spot. 

  • Indulge in paid advertisements – Paid ads will help you to project in a better way to potential investors. You can advertise your ICO on Facebook groups, LinkedIn business pages, Slack, and Discord. However, promoting financial products and services have been restricted by Facebook, Google, and Twitter. Using Google Adwords can be costly in the long run though it helps you to display your ICO advertisements at the top of search rankings and also helps in promoting your project on YouTube videos. Remarketing will help you to bring back a lot of visitors to your site who did not complete the initial onboarding process. 

  • Email marketing – You have to collect a list of email addresses and share information through newsletters and product updates regularly. It is a straightforward method for meaningful engagement and is cost-effective for ICO promotion. 

  • Hiring the leading influencers – Teaming up with a famous influencer to advertise an ICO will uplift the stature of your project by many notches. However, be careful as there are a lot of fake influencers functioning in the market promising tall claims and immediate results to promote your ICO. 

  • Establishing tie-ups with top companies – You can enter into strategic partnerships with banks, technology firms, government agencies, and cryptocurrency exchanges to receive more amounts of investment. 

Hence, follow the above techniques for reaping success by marketing your ICO. Ensure that you are active on your channels and post content regularly. Analyze your data frequently to prepare the best marketing strategies for ICO. The ICO marketing cost will depend on the channels used, duration of the campaign, and skillsets of the specialists hired. 

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