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If You Had Diversity Questions About Emojis, This Company May Have Just Solved It For You


Remember when Emojis used to just be about some digital smiley or not so smiley faces? Now its gone beyond that with so many emojis for just about anything you want to send out. But with this flurry of emojis comes a new concern of diversity. That improved slightly in subsequent iOS and Android updates where we started seeing some black fist bump or thumbs up emojis. But one company thinks tech companies haven’t done enough. Afro Emoji according to AFK Insider have launched an Afro-centric app filled with emojis African may relate to easily. So imagine an Emoji for kneeling down just to show how much you respect someone in some cultures. These digital icons have become so popular that its estimated that 12,500 tweets using them are down every minute. Emojis have become so important that even the biggest social media platform in the world plans to have a progressive “dislike” button style which show feeling at any given time using Emojis.

 afro emoji

in spite of that staggering facts about them, companies still face the big task of monetising them which is where the research is headed. So according to Ad Week, behavioural patterns and sentiments can easily identified using the right data analysis tool. Once this is determined, more streamlined marketing can also be achieved. Well even as simple as that sounds, it may still take a while to cash in on Emojis as they mostly show feelings at a given time but long term study of a consumer may eventually reveal patterns that may be useful for marketing.

You can download the Afro emojis on Android here and then on Apple’s iOS here


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