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Instagram’s Standalone IGTV App Gets A Major Upgrade, Adds A “Discover” Tab


It’s not clear how many Instagram users actually use the IGTV feature. At first it appeared as if the service was going to give YouTube a run for its money but alas, that hasn’t been the case. If anything, it shows that users prefer the old fashion picture and short video in the feed. The Facebook owned company even created a tab for it both in the homepage and Explore. Well this hasn’t stopped them to keep updating it to make it attractive to users. The standalone IGTV app is being updated according to what the company told The Verge

At the point when you first open the app, the biggest change you’ll see is the new three-button navigation bar at the base of the page. They added that they had totally redesigned the homepage to feature content and content creators that you may like to watch.

Talking about Instagram, the organization has additionally changed how IGTV recordings post as Stories. As in the past, individuals can share their IGTV videos to Stories. There is also the 15 seconds preview that allows you to see highlights of the video you are about to watch before you decide to go ahead. They’ve even made it easier to make content for the app without leaving the app by adding a hands-free recording feature.

The IGTV app which has over one million download in the Play Store alone now has a “Discover” (similar to Explore in the main app) tab that lets you see an array of creators’ videos and this is a big plus considering how many people (over 200 million daily) use the Explore feature daily. Before now, you would mostly see content from creators that you follow and on other occasions very popular videos but that’s all changing now.

Well Instagram is hoping to have more users especially the IGTV fans would download the standalone app It could be beneficial if you’re a content creator or a user who wants to cut through the pile of features in the main app to focus on IGTV. IGTV like Facebook Watch is partnering more content creators to take on established services like YouTube especially with their live programming.

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