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Best 8 Tips To Improve Your Android’s Performance


Android happens to be the king when we talk about mobile Operating Systems (OS). Its open source nature, the flexibility of customized app/game development, and regular updates make it a popular take among both users and developers. The backing of a big name like Google acts as a cherry on top for the success of Android.

Talk about any top app in its segment say Uber in Online cab booking or Amazon in online shopping the Android version must be the first thing that you would find. Though iOS and Windows are competing with Android in terms of users the former is still catching up whereas the latter is almost neglected.

E-commerce firms also prefer to have an Android app first before going for the users of other OS. The reasons are obvious, more than 80% of the smartphones in the world have Android as an OS. To develop these apps they hire services of Hire Android Developer (Android nougat the latest common).

The fact that the Android 7 (or any other version) developers are in demand throughout the year explains the popularity of Android as an OS. Now talking about the popularity of Android one thing that needs to be discussed is the lag or glitch that most of the users face.

One common problem of Android users is a performance optimization. Most of us want our Android OS to be working smooth and seamless, however, glitches and bugs make that impossible. The answer to the Android performance optimization lies in our hand only.

Surprised? Well, you shouldn’t be as we are going to tell you some of the best Android performance optimization tips right here right now. What you have to do is to read till the very end to get a note of these awesome tips and techniques. So, let’s get started.


With more and more GBs on the internal storage, the hunger for space has yet not settled. Many times we are left with less than optimum space and are required to delete certain files to create a space.

This lack of space is a major reason behind those bugs and hangs in your Android OS. To get hold of the issue of space always keep 20%-30% of total internal storage free. If you have big storage needs then use a Micro SD card for the same.

Regular updates

Google provides regular updates for each of its Android version (that is commonly operatable) say for Android 7 the Android 7.1 update or android 7.1.1 sub update etc. These updates are provided keeping in mind the bugs and glitches of the previous version of the Android.

Make sure you have the latest version of the Android along with all the necessary updates installed so, as to do away with the problem of underperformance. However, before installation make sure that whether the update is suitable with the configuration of your device or not.

Device Rooting

Device rooting is a very common and effective process in Android devices. Rooting allows the user access to the Android OS code. This access allows the user a free hand in regards to the modification of the source code on the device or installing software that was otherwise not allowed by the manufacturer.

Rooting becomes important especially when you want to use the latest version of the Android OS for performance optimization while the device restricts you to do so.

Uninstall the garbage

There may be many apps on our smartphones that we hardly use once in a week or month. Say for example an App with motivational quotes, or an app with quiz questions. These apps are like garbage for our system and compete for space on the storage.

The simple approach in this regards is to uninstall these apps and create some space. The more you keep on hanging on with such apps the more space you would be losing on for the optimum performance of your Android.

The bloatware

Never heard this term, don’t worry you know them even if you have not heard about it. Yes, this bloatware is nothing but the pre-installed apps that come in loaded with your device. Most of these apps are not useful for us and take a lot of space on the system.

Though uninstalling them is possible through device rooting there are other sustainable ways as well to tackle them. You must uninstall the updates of such apps and prevent them from automatic updating by clicking on the respective tab or removing them from the list of to update apps.

Less on widget

This is a common mistake we make. Most of us have more than required widgets on our home screen. Like Apps, these widgets are not closed and are still running and consuming space and battery when your screen is locked. Though having some of the essential ones like Wi-Fi, weather, GPS etc is necessary but the excess of it should always be avoided.

Optimize battery usage

A dying battery is the last thing you would want to see on your device. Usually, with a dying battery, the android also starts to get into a dull performance mode. Make sure that you have sufficient battery all the time and are not dying on your battery more often than not.

Frequent complete shutdown experiences have a great impact on Android’s performance. Turn the power saver mode on so; that it can optimize device performance when the battery is below a certain level or use a power bank to charge as soon as the battery starts going down.

Secure your device

Android being an open-source platform comes with a good number of security threats. Anyone can develop and publish an app (on the web) which may contain bugs and viruses that can affect devices.

However, to publish an app on the Play store there are proper checks and scans. Make sure that you don’t allow those out of Play store apps to get downloaded & installed. If you are doing so, get ready for the risks underneath.

That’s all guys; we have listed all the tips and techniques for boosting the performance of your Android device. Hope you would apply them and get that desired optimization.


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