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7 Ways To Improve Your Unity Game Programming Skills


Sometimes the coders of the programs have to develop the projects that consist of code lines over 10000. As the software keeps growing larger, the maintenance of these codes becomes quite a difficult task and if not maintained well, it could be near to impossible to add new features in such a messy and confusing project. With time, it has become really important to organize the projects well by improving your Unity game programming skills. It does not matter if you are a beginner or a professional in using programming tools, a person is always in search of ways which will help him to get better in this field. Following are certain ways which will help a programmer improve his Unit game programming skills.

  1. Learning to use Version Control System (VCS)

When using a facility, one should know each and every feature that it provides. There are various VCS available out there in the market including GIT and Subversion, which are some of the famous version control systems. While developing programs, one should always know important as well as infrequently used features that these VCS have. This is because VCS systems can be of great benefits when used to the fullest. The users who use these just as a backup plan, do not manage to get their full advantage.

  1. Learning how to write editor scripts

Unity is some of the greatest game engines in respect of the extensibility factor. it is important for a coder to learn how to write editor scripts and utilize it correctly. it is obvious that not all coders can create professional and fancy scripts. but the fact in itself is significant that creation of some simple scripts is much better than not knowing how to write editor script at all.

  1. Implementing in-game or in-editor cheats

Just when a person knows how to write letter scripts, he can move on further to improve the Unity Developer skills. Once he has learned how to write editor scripts, he can also learn to write a set of in-editor cheats or in-game cheats. The whole phenomenon just works like a menu, opening which will unlock the next level of steps. So once a person has written a set of edited scripts, it unlocks the process to write In-game cheats. The Coder should generally write cheats that allow him to see the things or the code which the users are not allowed to see. Or, that helps the user to unlock all the levels, items and characters in the game, gives immortality, make changes in money and time, etc.

  1. Directory Structure

Unity gives its users a lot of freedom when it comes to a project directory structure. But, the same can become a demerit when it gets messy frequently after a certain period of time. To cope up with this issue, one should keep in mind certain points. Like, one should avoid to store any file in the root directory or create any additional directory in it. Sticking to a standard way of naming the files can help in searching them more conveniently. Some asset files are better when not kept in general directories.

  1. Scene hierarchy structure

After the project hierarchy, comes scene hierarchy. Several rules need to be followed for smooth function. These are:-

  • Location at 0,0,0 along with default scale and rotation should be used for all empty objects.
  • ‘@’ should be used as a prefix when the empty objects are used as script containers.
  • While instantiating an object in the runtime, it is important to make sure that it is kept in dynamic. The root of the hierarchy should not be polluted else it will result in difficulties in navigation.
  1. Learn to create programs defensively

Defensive programming is an art in itself. It is done to ensure that function of a software continues to work properly under unusual cases. These are specially used when software could be misused. Thus the coder will always be on the safe side when he knows how to create program defensively.

  1. Use of prefabs

A programmer should always try to prefab whatever he puts on the scenes. Even though the prefab in unity may not seem perfect, it can be the best when it comes to sharing the hierarchy of objects that are preconfigured. In this way, one can create a new level just from an empty scene by adding a few more prefabs. However, the most important point is that one cannot use a prefab in another prefab. Instead, links could be used.

No matter how much expert a person is, there always a scope of improvement when it comes to the technical fields. Game programming skills keep on evolving with the introduction of new software and techniques. To be the best in this competitive market, one needs to keep learning the ways of improvement.

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