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Infographic: In-App Messages For Onboarding And Engagement


One of the biggest challenges mobile marketers deal with today is keeping users engaged. On average, 19% of new users will delete an app after just one use. In-app messages are one of the best ways mobile marketers can keep users interested and avoid app abandonment.

In-app messages can be used in a variety of different ways, from initial welcome messages to long-term engagement strategies. In basic terms, they are notifications that appear within the app to keep users interested throughout the user journey. Some examples of in-app messages include:

  • Onboarding – Welcome messages to help users adjust to the app
  • Promotions – Offering users a free gift or incentive to continue using the app
  • Transactional – Confirming a user’s purchase or sign-up
  • New Feature – Helping users understand a new part of the app
  • Announcements – Letting users know about important company news

Though the reasoning behind both is to engage users, in-app messages are different from traditional push notifications. Whereas push notifications appear on users’ lock screens or in status bars, in-app messages only appear while the user is actively using the app. Users can choose to opt out of push notifications, while this is usually not an option for in-app messages making them a valuable tool for mobile marketers.

Studies show that users appreciate in-app messages because they prompt them to take specific actions within the app. In fact, apps that make use of in-app messages gain a 40% increase in retention during the first and third months. Most people don’t want to have to figure out how to use a new app and would prefer to be guided by app developers. These periodic touchpoints can actually increase overall user retention up to 3x.

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