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Instagram Now Has 1 Billion Users Worldwide


Instagram has doubled its user base in the last two years.

As announced at a company event the company now has 1 billion users worldwide. This makes Instagram the fourth Facebook-owned application to reach the 1 billion milestone, the prior three being WhatsApp, Messenger and Facebook itself. It in fact is a great achievement for the photo-sharing social media application, knowing that it is only seven years old.

Instagram seems to have grown a lot in the last few years. The company has been getting 200 million users on an average for the past two years. This has allowed the photo sharing platfrom to double its user base from June 2016, when it only had 500 million users. The company has got 200 million users more from September 2017, when it was 800 million users. To give you some perspective, the company only had 40 million users in 2012, when it was acquired by Facebook.

Instagram launched on October 6, 2010, and was only available on iPhone. Two years later, it was rolled out onto Android phones, massively increasing its scope. And that same month, Facebook bought Instagram for $1billion. Then in October 2015, Instagram revealed that more than 40 million photos had been uploaded to the service.

There are many reasons for the continuous growth of the platform but of course it can be credited to the number of features Instagram has added in the last few years. Last year’s hype was caused mostly because of the introduction of Stories, a feature very similar to Snapchat. Following that, the company also added support for GIFs, polls and the most recent emoji sliders.

Insta-Boomerang is also accounted to be one it’s widely used features, which lets you create a back and forth playing video loop. Not to forget the recent features which was just added to the platform as a way of making it conductive for users and it sure feel so.

Last month, Instagram introduced a feature which will allow users mute other users without actually unfollowing them. then the recent one added this month came at the right time for users who love to tag their friends and family on a post now Instagram will let users know when they are tagged in on their story page. Another mind blowing feature which lets users advert their product on stories and also buy the products directly from their Instagram story page.

Incredibly, with so many features to choose from and explore on, users can’t just get their hands off their Instagram app. They just keep coming back for more, carrying their friends and family along.

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