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Instagram To Start Blurring Out “Sensitive” Photos, Adds 2-Factor Authentication For All


Instagram says it will start blurring content it considers sensitive but do not warrant a complete removal from the service. This means that you may start seeing something like what you see in the image below and if/when you do, you should know its not a scam but Instagram warning you of what may be contained in the video.

instagram blurring

While outright explicit content violate Instagram’s guidelines and will be out rightly removed, some may not be as “offensive” which is why they have chosen to blur it out and warn you. But as expected, below the blurred imaged, you will see the “see photo” option which allows you eventually see it should you choose to.

instagram 2fa

The other stuff they announced is a broad release of two-factor authentication to all users which was only available to some users. As seen in the image above, you will need to clikd on the gear icon in your profile and enable the option, “Require Security Code” under “Two-Factor Authentication.”

Instagram and others have been accused of doing little to clean out “offensive” content but this could not have come at a better time for them.

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